Training Trailer


Training Manikins
Chest Tube Manikin, Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arm, Central Venous Cannulation Simulator, Nursing Anne/Kelly With Vitalsim Manikin, Five Year Old Multitraining Aide Manikin, Ob Manikin, Casualty Simulation Kit, Baby Anne 4 Pack CPR Manikin, Resusci Anne CPR Basic Torso, Training Station For Trailer Interior, Folding Tables, Megaphone,

I.V. Supplies

Alcohol Pads (Multiple Widespread Use), Catheters, Intraosseous Module Blue (Pediatric Use), Intermittent IV Access Device (Lock), IV Catheters, 18g, 20g, and 22g w/Protectocath Guard, IV Fluid Bags, (Ns, 1000cs, Required By 60% of Patients), IV Start Kits, IV Arm Boards, IV Tubing W/ Buretrol Drip Set For Peds, IV Tubing W/ Standard Macrodrip Set for Adults, Needles (Butterfly, 23g & 25g), Needles (Sterile, 18g, 21g, and 25g), Vacutainer Tube Holder, Vacutainer Tube Red Top, Multisample Collection Needle, Saline For Injection 10cc Bottle

Patient Care Supplies
ABD Bandage Pads (Sterile; 8" X 10"), Adhesive Bandages, Multi-trauma Dressing, Vaseline Dressing 3" X 9", Triangular Bandage With Pins, Cold Pack, Instant Glucose, Board Splint (24" Cardboard Padded), Basins (Bath & Emesis), Bathing Supply (Prepackaged Bath In A Bag™), Bedpans - Regular, Sheet Set, Chux Protective Pads (Many Uses), Med Bed Hospital System, Feeding Tubes (Pediatric #5 & #8 French), Foley Catheters - 16f Kits (Includes Drainage Bag), Gloves (Non-sterile, Large, Medium, & Small Non-latex, Goggles (Splash Resistant, Disposable), Gown (Splash Resistant, Disposable), Gown (Patient), Gauze Pads (Non-sterile, 4x4 Size, Tube Size), Gauze Roll (3" Non-sterile), Hand Cleaner (Waterless Alcohol-based; 8 Oz Bottle), Lubricant (Water Soluble), Medicine Cups (30ml, Plastic), Morgue Kits, Nasogastric Tubes - 18f, Ob Kits, Restraints (Extremity, Soft Adult), Sharps Disposal Containers, Sheets (Disposable, Paper, For Stretchers & Cots), Syringes (12cc, Luer Lock), Syringes (3cc, Luer Lock, W/21g 1.5" Needle), Syringes (Catheter Tip 60cc), Syringes (Insulin), Syringes (TB), Tape (Silk - 1 & 2 Inch), Urinals, N-95 Mask

Diagnostic Supplies
Carts (Supply, IV and Meds, Crash), Negative Pressure Equipment & Anteroom, Scissors, Stethescopes, Pen Light Belt Packs, Glucometers, Glucometer Test Strips, Probe Covers For Thermometers, Welch Allyn 02 Sat Monitor (Thermometer, BP, HR), Single Use Shielded Lancets, Otoscope/ophthalmoscope Set, Surevent Disposable Ventilator, Pulmonetic 1200 Transport Ventilator (Case and Extended Battery System, Charger, Ventilator Circuits), AED, Oxygen Tank with Regulator; Super D Cylinder with Case, Airway Management Kit by EMS Innovations Inc, Master Pack Five Patient Trauma Kits, Suction Unit, Thermometer (Scanning), Adult BP Cuff, Pediatric BP Cuff, Pocket Doppler

Housekeeping Equipment & Misc. Supplies
Backboard, Plastic, Paper Towels, Trash Can W/pop Lids (Biologic, Disposable), Push Broom, Dust Pan And Brush, Mop With Bucket, Fluid Spill Kit, Wet/dry Vacuum, Patient Transfer Device, Wheelchairs Transportation Of System Pace Trailer With L Shaped Work Center, Interior Racking, Walk On Roof, AC Thermostat Controlled,14,000 Lb Axles, 20ft Awning

Many More Product Choices Available!

AEL Part Numbers: 12TR-00-TEQP & 12VE-00-MISS

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