Coroners System Trailer

Available in trailer lengths of 12, 16, 20, 24 or 28 feet!

Aluminum Saw Horse, Bio-Hazard Bags (Red), Pens, Body Bags, Pelican Cases For Cameras, Digital Camera, Clipboard, Command Shelter Pop-up 11’ X 16’ with Sides, Command Vests, Computer, Decon Containment Systems, Disinfectant Solution Gallon, Disposable Towels, Dust Pan And Brush, Evidence Marking Flag, Exam Gloves Mixed Sizes, Exam Table, Faceshield And Mask, Fax/copier/printer/scanner Hp Unit, Fire Extinguisher A/B/C, Flashlights with Batteries, Flat Shovel, Folding Chair, Folding Tables, Garden Hoses, Gas Cans, Generators and Scene Lighting Kit, Grass Line Trimmer, Hand Soap, Handheld GPS Device with Mapping Software, Inflatable Shelter 13’ X 23’ X 9’, Inflation Kit For Shelter With SCBA Bottle, Marking Paint, Megaphone with Siren, Memory Card, Mesh Stretchers, Metal Detector With Audio And Visual Output, N-95 Mask, Plastic Basin, Portable Sink Unit With Supports, Racks/Bins Set For Trailer, Refrigerator, Scrub Brushes, Slip-over Booties, Spade Shovel, Straight Rake, Tape (“Do Not Enter"), Tarp 10’ X 10’, Tool Kit (Standard Hazmat Package), Trailer (Includes Logo Lettering), Trash Containers, Tyvek Aprons, Tyvek Suits With Hood And Bootie, Utility Bucket 5 Gallon, Video Camera with Macro Zoom, Water Bottle 5 Gallon, Water Collection System, Water Cooler (Electric), Waterless Hand Cleaner, Work Gloves, Zip-lock Bags 13" X 18" & 21"x 21", Paper Sacks- Grocery Size & Lunch Size, Writing Tablets/Pads, Large Paper Clips, Clear Packing Tape, Stapler , Staples, Cooler (Or Refrigerator) Or Toxocology Storage, Blue Ice Packs for Cooler (if needed), Black Sharpie Markers, Water Heater 125,000 Btu On Cart, 0-60 Psi Pressure Regulated Water Pump, much more available

*Included equipment varies due to trailer size.

AEL Part Numbers09MY-01-SUPT, 09MY-01-DNAK, 09MY-01-EMBL, 09MY-01-FPRN, 09MY-01-PATH, 09MY-01-PHOT, 
09MY-01-DENT, 09MY-01-ANTH, 09MY-01-XRAY (Dependent upon supply packages selected at time of purchase)

Product SKU Order
Coroners System - 12 foot Trailer EM956
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Coroners System - 16 foot Trailer EM957
Product SKU Order
Coroners System - 20 foot Trailer EM958
Product SKU Order
Coroners System - 24 foot Trailer EM959
Product SKU Order
Coroners System - 28 foot Trailer EM960

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