Backboard, Combi-Carrier® II

Move the board, not the patient! The Combi-Carrier® II can be easily separated at either end. Eliminates unnecessary movement making it ideal for patients with suspected hip, pelvic, and spinal injuries. It also functions like a scoop stretcher, has tapered ends to simplify extrication, and fits in a standard backboard compartment.

Spinal Immobilization Device - The CombiCarrier® II may be used as a scoop stretcher or a full backboard.
• Auto-Lock Latch System - Simple, intuitive design minimizes training. Recessed side latch is positioned away from patient. Locks instantly during application. Manual release required during removal from patient.
• Concave Patient Surface - Provides excellent lateral support and improves patient’s sense of security. Minimizes movement of patient’s spine during lifting and transport. Continuous inner edge eliminates panel pinch points.
Operates like a Standard Backboard - Patient can be rotated and slid out onto the CombiCarrier® II during auto extrication. Four patient restraint straps are included.
• Continuous Head Support Surface - Improves neutral alignment and minimizes head movement during application and removal. Accommodates various durable and disposable head immobilizers.
• Seamless Plastic Construction - No rivets, drive screws or roll pins. High density polyethylene is easily cleaned and disinfected. Helps comply with CDC and OSHA guidelines. Foam filling makes it ideal for water rescue.
• Lower profile - Reduced thickness (2.19” / 5.6 cm) and smaller hand hold diameter (1.35” / 3.4 cm) fits standard storage compartments.
• X-Ray Compatible - Clear center section provides unobstructed A/P view of patient’s spine. Split-design allows for simple, easy removal and reapplication for detailed X-Ray examination.

AEL # 09ME-04-SPIN, 09MS-08-SPIN, 09ME-05-LITR

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