Stifneck® Select™ Extrication Collar

The Stifneck Select is a fully-assembled collar that can be easily adjusted, minimizing costly inventory and storage space requirements. Unique rear panel opening allows for C-spine palpation. Large trachea hole allows easy access for pulse checks, visualization and advanced airway procedures. Sizing method is identical to the original Stifneck collar for simplified training. Instruction graphics are molded in.

The enhanced Pedi-Select collar features a pink Velcro® strap for easy identification. Improved sizing range fits a wider selection of pediatric patients. Ergonomically designed back panel and better ear access address children's anatomical features. Oversized tracheal and back panel openings for advanced airway management and ongoing cervical assessment. 

Both Adult and Pediatric sizes have oxygen mask /nasal cannula hooks for securing supplemental oxygen device.

AEL Part Numbers: 09ME-04-SPIN 
and 09MS-08-SPIN

Product SKU Price Order
Stifneck® Select™ Extrication Collar, Adult Adjustable, each EM4022 Price: $11.82
Product SKU Price Order
Stifneck® Pedi-Select™ Extrication Collar each EM4023 Price: $11.82

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