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Auto-Cradle® Head Immobilizer

Finally there’s an easy, reliable and self-supporting product that may be used by the first responder to immobilize your patient. The Auto-Cradle® Head Immobilizer prevents c-spine side bending and rotation, providing optimal immobilization.

It's important to utilize a head immobilizer with 4 points of contact to the patient’s head to adequately limit extension, flexion, rotation and side bending of the head and cervical spine.

  • 100% X-Ray translucent
  • No assembly required
  • Radiolucent
  • New multi-liner headstrap allows for placement without sticking to your gloves
  • Apply before or after positioning patient
  • Use Auto-Cradle® to stabilize the airway during cardiac resuscitation
  • Fits backboard without overhang (16" wide)
  • Automatically sizes to patient’s head (size adjustments ped thru large adult)

Contract # GSA-07F-0208U
Cage code: 1NME3

AEL Part Numbers: 09ME-04-SPIN
and 09MS-08-SPIN

Product SKU Price Order
Auto-Cradle® Head Immobilizer EM1 Price: $4.00
Product SKU Price Order
Auto-Cradle® Head Immobilizer - CASE/50 EM2 Price: $200.00

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