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MetTag Triage Tag

The Standard Since 1976!

Every disaster of consequence proves one thing beyond all doubt: that a simple, standard, thoroughly functional casualty triage tag is needed if we are to be serious about maximizing the survival rate of victims.

METTAG's MT-137 is the triage tag used to maximize survivors.

Tested and developed under scrutiny of doctors, nurses, firefighters, rescue personnel, industrial safety experts, travel safety directors, and civil defense specialists, the original METTAG MT-137 Triage Tag was launched in 1976.
Triage tags, of course, were nothing new even back then. Many variations of triage tags have been used over the centuries. Most tags, though, are far too complicated for rapid first response use. The need for a simple and effective triage tag without language barriers will always exist. METTAG is committed to keeping the MT-137 as close to its initial design 30 years ago, much to the appreciation of the professionals for whom it was developed.
Training aids available, call for details.

  Medical Emergency Triage Tag - box of 50
SKU: EM2001

These unique serial numbers are conveniently located on both the top right and top left diagonal tear-offs, as well as on the lower color coded tear-offs.By utilizing standard graphic symbols and a four-color tear-off triaging system, the Original METTAG is truly a universal tool, in that it presents no language or literacy barriers, and can be used in the field by anyone, of any nationality, with minimal training or hands-on experience.

Price: $45.00

  Chem/Bio Emergency Triage Tag - box of 25
SKU: EM2002

Each section of the Chemical/Biological Triage Tag has the unique barcode serial number for tracking and monitoring the victim’s triage process. The top portions of the tag can mark a patient’s original location (as required in MCIs involving aircraft, etc.), and can track a patient’s personal articles and/or body parts that may have been severed in an MCI. The Chemical/Biological Triage Tag can be used with standard triage systems like the START method or with the A-E Triage System that is specifically designed to handle HAZMAT and terrorist incidents.

Price: $35.00


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