Disaster Supply Pack


When disaster strikes are you ready to respond with an organized pack that has numerous supplies for mass casualties? This pack is designed for treating patients in an open scene environment or in a field clinic situation. The pack features 16 zippered pockets constructed of heavy clear vinyl and nylon. The stored supplies are easily visible and accessible. A variety of pocket sizes allows for supplies to be stored in their original containers or loose. Three strong plastic hooks and straps allow for the pack to be hung in a tent from a vehicle or wall. The pack can be stored in the Cordura bag that has double zippers for easy access and security. The outside storage bag is available in the following colors: Gray, Yellow, Red, Royal Blue and Green. The internal components are always gray. Contents Not Included.

AEL Part Number: 19GN-00-BGPK

Price: $480.98


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Pediatric Pack

Deluxe Intubation Case

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