18' Mobile Morgue Trailer

When a disaster strikes many resources are geared toward caring for those who are injured. What happens to those who do not survive? There may not be adequate or even available transport to remove them from the scene. The EMS Innovations Mobile Morgue Trailer and Cold Storage System can accommodate up to 18 casualties and is equipped with the products and systems that allow for storage and preservation as well as transport to a center for identification and processing. Focus your efforts on the living while supplying a solution for casualties. Make the EMS Innovations Mobile Morgue Trailer a part of your response.
  • 6000 watt Water cooled generator with 2-12 gallon fuel tanks mounted above unit
  • Roof mounted refrigerator unit. This sealed refrigeration unit has a stainless exterior skin and a stainless roof pitched style cap to shed water off of the unit (Same unit as used on outdoor walk-in type refrigerators)
  • Interior of trailer with the refrigeration unit in the middle of the ceiling and 2 fluorescent light fixtures. Kemlite walls
  • Racking system is made of aluminum tubing and holds 3 bodies on each rack and is fixed to the side walls
  • Racks have 19" clearance between each tier
  • Automatic power transfer switch for the exchange of power from generator to land line
Each trailer will also be equipped with an Interior door at the rear to help maintain temperatures while being loaded and in transport.
Trailer size, features, and contents can all be tailored to meet the needs of your community. Don’t get locked into a product or system you don’t need. Let us help you build a system that suits your specific needs and requirements.



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