HazMat Smart-Strip

A user friendly wearable chemical indicator that can be worn by first responders and the military. Current technology requires responders to have a number of very small indicator strips taped to their clothing in an effort to detect a contaminated atmosphere (aerosolized) or surface (liquid). The HazMat™ Smart-Strip is an easy to use, cost effective, reliable, a single self-contained, detection medium that allows the user simple means to read results instantly in the field. Training requires minimal instructional time. 2 year shelf life.
Reagent Paper Color Positive Indication
Chlorine Light Yellow Blue/White spots 1 ppm
PH Light Brown Red/Blue Above or below neutral
Fluoride Pink Yellow with white spots 20 ppm
Nerve Brown Gold, Red Green In contact with G,H,V, agents
Oxidizers White Blue-violet spots 1 ppm
Arsenic White Yellow-Brown 05. ppb
Hydrogen Sulfide White Brown/Black 5 ppm
Cyanide Pale Green Blue 0.2 ppm

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