Sphygmomanometer, Digital Aneroid, E-SPHYG™

The world’s first digital aneroid sphygmomanometer. The E-SPHYG™ replaces your mechanical gauge and its potentially fragile, vulnerable design, with a virtually indestructible, digital instrument that can stand up to the toughest use.

Features :
• Virtually indestructible design can withstand repeated drops of 5 feet or more.
• The E-sphyg gauge (8002) is latex-free as the bumper surrounding the manometer is manufactured from Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPE).
• Extra large backlit LCD with 3/4” digits, is easy to read in virtually any light
• Splash resistant housing for use in harsh environments
• Swivel cuff clip allows the manometer to be repositioned for easy viewing
• Auto off function conserves battery strength
• Dual low battery warnings
• Recalibration reminder after 10,000 cycles
(recalibration is free for the life of the instrument)
• Systolic assist alerts practitioner to the onset of Korotkoff sounds – makes a great training aid
• Deflation rate display promotes proper technique in accordance with AHA guidelines
• Pulse rate display at completion of measurement
• Manometer works with virtually every cuff on the market
• Requires familiar and trusted manual auscultation to obtain blood pressure readings (use of stethoscope)
• 2 “AAA” batteries (included)
• May be ordered as a complete sphygmomanometer featuring nylon Adcuff™ inflation system or gauge only for use with existing inflation systems
• Lifetime calibration warranty

AEL Part Number: 09ME-03-BPSL

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E-Sphyg™ w/Adult Cuff EM8331 Price: $84.98
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E-Sphyg™ w/Infant Cuff EM8332 Price: $84.98
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E-Sphyg™ w/Child Cuff EM8333 Price: $84.98
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E-Sphyg™ w/Large Adult Cuff EM8334 Price: $93.87
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E-Sphyg™ - Digital Gauge EM8336 Price: $58.84

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