Spill Leader™ Kit

Our wall mounted spill kit featuring RED Z™, is designed for emergency response or hazardous lab spills. The solid solutions approach to neutralize, stabilize, and solidify a variety of aqueous spills wherever they occur.

Kit Contains
• 5oz. Red Z™ solidifier
5oz. Green Z™ solidifier
5oz. Acid Lock™ solidifier
5oz. Alky™ solidifier
2oz. Petro Lock™ absorbent
• 3pr. nitrile gloves
• 6 - scoop/scraper
• 1 - 6”x10” bag
• 6 - 9”x12” zip lock bag
• 2 - Hazardous waste D.O.T. label (2)
• 2 - Non-Hazardous waste D.O.T. label (2)

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Spill Leader™ Kit EM13040 Price: $110.88

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