N95 Flat Fold Respirator

A universal sized disposable flat fold respirator that fits most face shapes and sizes.

This mask is designed to fit a variety of facial sizes and shapes, while providing outstanding respiratory protection.


• Electrostatic non-woven polypropylene and polyester materials provide low breathing resistance and a comfortable user experience
• Individually packaged to maintain integrity of product in work environments
• Folds flat for easy storage
• Latex-free for users with sensitive skin
• Designed as an economical choice for effective, single use respiratory protection
• Meets NIOSH and CDC standards for N95 protection against airborne pathogens and M. tuberculosis
• Important protection against certain airborne particulates and pandemic diseases such as H5N1 Avian Flu and SARs

This N95 Mask offers a durable filtration media to ensure a filtration efficiency of 95% against non-oil airborne particles. The bonded wire nose clip can be easily molded and the open cell foam nose seal helps provide a comfortable fit. Lightweight materials allow for longer wear times with less wearer fatigue. A low profile design offers compatibility with spectacles. When donned, it offers a large cone for easier and cooler breathing.

Comfortable Woven Suspension Strap
A single, continuous loop elastic strap provides for both upper and lower head band support. The strap is attached securely to the mask without the use of staples and does not require pre-stretching. Latex-free woven suspension straps will not grab or pull longer hair.

Auto body industry, cutting or sanding wood, grinding, healthcare, household dust and sweeping garages, installing fiberglass insulation or drywall, landscaping and yard maintenance, molding operations, pandemic preparedness, pollen, welding and cutting metal.

Product SKU Price Order
N95 Respirator, 20/Box EM9210 Price: $25.75
Product SKU Price Order
N95 Respirator, 400/Case (20/Box, 20Box/Case) EM9211 Price: $514.98

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