10in SnapLight Flare Alternative, CYALUME

Traditional Flares:
• Burn at 1,400° F
• Are fire hazards
• Are burn injury hazards
• Can easily burn through safety turnouts
• Use toxic phosphorous chemicals
• May explode if in contact with water
• Can splatter burning particles many feet
• Will roll in windy conditions
• Must be completely extinguished after use

SnapLight® 10” Flare Alternative:
• Emits no heat
• Produces no flames
• Will not cause burns
• Contains no toxic chemicals
• Requires no batteries
• Meets DOT non-hazardous standards
• Is waterproof
• Is self-contained
• Fits into metal bipod stand to prevent rolling
• Can be simply tossed in the trash after use
• Available in 2-hour duration

AEL Part Number: 03OE-04-LTHE

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Green, 2hr. - 40/Case EM2204 Price: $158.00
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Red, 2hr. - 40/Case EM2205 Price: $158.00
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Yellow, 2hr. - 40/Case EM2206 Price: $158.00
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