MagLite MAG LED Flashlight

The 3 Watt MAG-LED® combines technology with durability to create a long-lasting flashlight for professionals.

  • Meets ANSI/NEMA FL-1 performance standards
  • Rugged machined aluminum construction anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance
  • Intelligent Energy Source Management (patent pending) balances an optimum high brightness with extended battery life
  • Projecting beam focuses by simply rotating the head
  • Balanced optics provide a focusing, 3 Watt LED, optimized to produce a powerful beam
  • Momentary On/Off switch
  • Water and shock-resistant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • D-cell batteries sold separately
2-Cell D Flashlight:
  • 10” L
  • 23 oz. (with batteries)
  • Illuminated Output: 134 Lumens, 37567 Candela
  • Runtime: 8 hrs

3-Cell D Flashlight: 
  • 12" L
  • 30 oz. (with batteries)
  • Illuminated Output: 131 Lumens, 33028 Candela
  • Runtime: 79 hrs

AEL Part Number: 03OE-04-LTHH

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MagLite MAG LED D Cell Flashlight, choose 2 or 3 D Cells EM14243 Price: $50.17

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