Shroud Kit

Clean and Simple All in One Kit
Each kit comes prepackaged in a polyethylene bag that can also be used to hold personal effects.

  • An economical alternative to body bags
  • Features a white opaque water-resistant plastic sheet with a linen-like finish
  • Helps retain fluids

  • Includes:
    1 - CPE Shroud Wrap - 54"×108" 
    1 - PP Chin Binder - 9cm×120cm
    1 - Underpad - 40cm×60cm
    3 - Toe Tag with 36" Thread - 11cm×5.5cm
    2 - Thread 60"
    1 - Introduction Sheet
    1 - Heat Sealed Polybag

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    Shroud Kit - 50/case EM1360 Price: $109.20

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