One Handed Compression Strap

The TK-4 One Handed Compression Strap features a newly developed woven elastic textile band (3” wide by 40” long) that provides incredible strength and flexibility. With one steel hook fastened steadfast (three thick hog rings per S-Hook) to both ends of the elastic band, and packaged in a small, vacuum-sealed pouch, TK-4 is ideal for applying direct pressure over a wound or for creating pressure on an extremity to reduce blood loss.

TK-4 has been deployed by the US Marine Corps, US Special Forces, and numerous law enforcement and emergency services as a quick way to control severe hemorrhaging while minimizing size and weight.

Product Information

  • Package Dimensions: 2″ x 2.5″ x .5″
  • Package Weight: 2 oz.

Product SKU Price Order
One Handed Compression Strap EM7258 Price: $4.42

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