Response TK Windlass Tourniquet

Windlass tourniquets have become a standard item in advanced trauma response kits. Proven in combat and civilian life-saving situations, the use of a windlass tourniquet in the presence of a severe hemorrhage injury can keep someone alive. However, most windlass tourniquets are either complicated to use or too expensive to afford.

H&H Medical is proud to introduce the Response TK, or RTK. The RTK uses the proven, patented design of the Military Emergency Tourniquet Generation III to create an easy-to-apply, cost effective windlass tourniquet that does not compromise on effectiveness. Made in the US from high-strength materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum and high-stress nylon, the RTK can exert over 200 lbs. of force around a limb area to stop or slow a major hemorrhage.

Vacuum packed with instructions for use, the RTK comes ready for use out of the pack. Simply loop the tourniquet around the limb, pull the strap tight, wind the aluminum windlass until the blood slows, then use the two red securing straps to hold the windlass in place.

Product Information

  • Product Size: 6.5" x 3.25" x 1.5"
  • Product Weight: 3.6 oz
AEL # 09MS-04-TNQT 

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