MMRS Flexi-System

This 28 Foot Mass Casualty/Decon/Portable Hospital Trailer Can Handle Any Emergency!

You never know what type of situation you'll encounter when the call for assistance comes. This is the perfect solution to the uncertainties of dealing with an explosion, WMD attack, dirty bomb, or even a warehouse fire. This system can be combined or customized to meet your communities needs and to fit your budget. Combine it with your existing trailer systems for a comprehensive response solution for any event.


Patient immobilization & transportation
Dispos-A-Board® w/Straps & Auto-Cradle®, Pediatric Dispos-A-Board® System, MCI Stretchers, Backboard Gurneys, Rapid Rescue Straps, Jumbo Soft Stretchers, Skeds

Trauma patient care

Disposable Blankets, 5 Patient Trauma Kits (Master Packs), Phila Adjustable Cervical Collars, Sterile Burn Sheets, Disposable Sheets, Sterile Water, Multi-Trauma dressing (4" X 4"), 4" Kling Bandage, 2" Tape, Triangular Bandages, Splint 24", Body bag, 5" X 9" Surgipad, Hand Cleaner, BP Cuffs, Stethoscopes, AEDs (w/Screen Complete System and Extra Electrodes)

Oxygen administration
Bag Valve Mask, Bag Valve Mask Child, Aluminum “D" O2 Cylinder With Handle, Regulator for O2 Cylinder, O2 Carry Kit, Non-rebreather O2 Mask, O2 Nasal Cannula, O2 “M" Cylinder, “M" Cylinder Pressure Reducer, LSP Minilator (Fixed 10 Lpm), 20’ 02 Hi Pressure Tubing, ALS Airway/Intubation Kit

IV fluid administration
IV Normal Saline 100cc, IV Tubing Macro Drip, IV Start Set, 14G, 16G, 18G IV, & 20G IV Needles, Arm Splints, 2 Quart Sharps Containers, Biohazard Box with Liner (Large), Biohazard Bags, Medium, Large, & X-Large Powder Free Gloves

Triage equipment
Triage Tape Systems, Triage Response Kits, Triage Site Command Flag Sets, Incident Command Vests (Assorted), Cylume Shapes (Red, Yellow, Green, & High Intensity)

Scene management
Wire Flags, Traffic Cones, Flashlights, Generator, Light tripod, Extension Cord (Heavy Duty 100ft), 11’ X 16’ pop-up tent, Non-Incindiary Flare, Caution tape

Environmental monitoring
Gas And Rad Detector, Hazmat Cat Plus, Environmental Monitors & Charger, Chemical Indicator Tape(Numerous Agents)

Decontamination & portable hospital
Decon System (Showers, Stretchers, Collection, Spare Disposable Inner Liner, Warm Water Heater), Detergent injection system (Attaches to heater), Radicate (Anthrax Killer), Warm Air Heater, SCBA Bottles for Inflation with inflation Kit, 20’ X 40’ Inflatable Shelter/Mass decon/Hospital, Surge Bed™ System, Combo Pre and Post Patient Decon Pack, DPI System with Decontamination Assist Module

Personal protection

Particulate masks (pfr-95); (box of 35), Tyvek with booties (case of 25), Impact goggles, NBC Personal Protection Kit (Level B/C XL, 2XL, & 3XL), Military tyvek (xl, 2xl, & 3xl), Disposable towels (box), Msa 60 min. Scba, heads up display, case, 60 Min cylinder, 150 Foot air supply system , Handy pak supply system (ties into scba bottles/compressor), Ilc level a suit, Kappler pressure test kit, Cooling vest, Hazproof boot (pair), Chem tape , Silver shield gloves (10 pair/ case), Butyl gloves (pair), Bull horn

System packaging
28’ Trailer with beaver tail door, side door, deluxe interior, lighting package, stabilizer package, hitch,

AEL Part Numbers: 12TR-00-TEQP 
& 12VE-00-MISS

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