Beds, Linen and Carts


Systems of Care
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10-Bed Personnel Support Shelter Package
12' Mobile Morgue Trailer
12" SnapLight®, CYALUME
15" IMPACT® Light Sticks, CYALUME
18' Mobile Morgue Trailer
200-Bed Modular System
20-Bed Portable Hospital
25-Bed Special Needs System
3" LightShape® - Circle Markers, CYALUME
32-Bed Pediatric Portable Hospital
50-Bed Portable Hospital
6" SnapLight® Lightsticks, CYALUME
850-Bed Modular System
Advanced Mortuary Operations System - (A.M.O.S)
Animal Rescue Trailer
Bariatric Commode
Bariatric Med Bed™ Cot
Bath Mitt, Aqua Mitt
Bed Cot Trailer Packages
Bedside Waste Bag, Bio Hoop Bag
Blanket, First-Aid
Blanket, Yellow Emergency Highway, 54"×80"
CERT Kit w/ Backpack
Coleman® Converta Cot (set of 2)
Comfort Station Trailer
Command Station Trailer
Compress, Instant, Cold or Hot
Contagious Disease Barrier Kit
Cooling Unit - Mortuary (ECU) - 5 Ton
Cot, All Purpose
Cot, Aluminum, Military Style
Decon Shower, Hot Tap Pro 100 Haz-Mat
Decon Shower, Hot Tap Pro 70 Haz-Mat
Decon Trailer
Disinfectant - SaniZide PRO®
Disinfectant - SteriFab®
Disinfectant and Deodorizer
Disposable Linen Sets
Drive Through Vaccination Shelter System
Emergency Medical Air Technology System (EMAT) - 3 Ton
Emergency Medical Air Technology System (EMAT) - 5 Ton
EMS Innovations Tent Anteroom
EMS Racking & Bin Systems
Enclosed Command Tent Packages
Enhanced Blast Injury Tabletop Training Kit
Environmental Control Unit - Portable (ECU) - 2.5 Ton
Environmental Control Unit - Portable (ECU) - 5 Ton
Essentials Triage Tabletop Training Kit
Essentials Triage Tabletop Training Kit
Event Organizational Flag Signage Kit
Facilities, On-Demand
Firefighter Rehabilitation Station Packages
Five Patient Trauma Kit
Flashlight, LED Rechageable - Streamlight Stinger DS
Hand Sanitizer and Moisturizer - MadaGel Instant
Hand Sanitizer, Instant, Foaming - MadaFoam Plus
HAZMAT Assistance Trailer
I.V. Stands
ICE® (Interchangeable Cooling Environment)
Incident Command Vests - Basic
Inflatable Shelters
LightStation - Emergency Lighting, CYALUME
Litter Carrier, Patient Transport Device
MCI Trailer
Medical Emergency Triage Tag - Global Use
MMRS Flexi-System
MMRS Incendiary Incident Support Unit
Mobile Command Complex System
Mobile ICU/OR System
Mobile Rehabilitation Trailer Packages
Mobile Restroom Trailer
Mobile Scene Lighting Unit
Modular Buildings
NAR Public Access Bleeding Control Stations
O2 Cylinders, Steel and Aluminum
O2 Regulators
P.U.L.S.E. System
Patient Bath Packs, EZ Care
Patient Care products, Toiletry Accessories
Patient Lighting System - EMS Innovations
Pediatric Response Kit - BLS in KEMP Bag
Personal Cleansing Washcloths
Personnel Marker Light (PML®), CYALUME
pNeuton S Transport Ventilator with CPAP
Point of Dispersal (POD) Shelters
Portable Shower, Double burner, Hot Tap HP
Portable Shower, Single Burner, Hot Tap
Portable Shower, X-40 Hot Tap
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