Decon Shelters


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12' Mobile Morgue Trailer
18' Mobile Morgue Trailer
Adult Disaster Body Bags, Bariatric Size XL(Transport Pouches / Disaster Pouch)
Adult Dispos-A-Board® backboard
Adult Size Disaster Body Bags (Transport Pouches / Disaster Pouch)
Airtrack Inflatable Path
Aluminum Morgue Trays
Antimicrobial Hand Wipes, p.a.w.s.™
Backboard, Combi-Carrier® II
Bariatric Sked® Stretcher
Bed Cot Trailer Packages
Bio-Hazard Containment Sheets
Biological PPE Kit
Boot, Hazardous Material - HazProof® - 6/case
Burn Spray™
Chemotherapy Spill™ Kit
Cold Water Immersion Suit
Comfort Station Trailer
Containment Berms
Cooling Unit - Mortuary (ECU) - 5 Ton
Cut and Scrape Cleaner™
Decon Shower, Hot Tap Pro 100 Haz-Mat
Decon Shower, Hot Tap Pro 70 Haz-Mat
DECON Tent Systems - EMS Innovations
Decon Trailer
Decontamination Decks - Ultra-Decon Decks®
Decontamination Expandable Conveyor
Delsar Life Detector And Victim Simulator
Deluxe Decon Kit
Disaster Casket
Disinfectant - SaniZide PRO®
Disinfectant - SteriFab®
Disinfectant and Deodorizer
Disposable Coveralls
Disposable Half-Mask Respirator, Freedom
Emergency Medical Air Technology System (EMAT) - 3 Ton
Emergency Medical Air Technology System (EMAT) - 5 Ton
Emesis Bags
Enpac ENSORB® Super Absorbent
Environmental Control Unit - Portable (ECU) - 1.25 Ton
Environmental Control Unit - Portable (ECU) - 2.5 Ton
Environmental Control Unit - Portable (ECU) - 5 Ton
Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA)
EZ Cleans Mercury Spill™ Kit
EZ-Cleans Kit, National Standard™
Firefighter Rehabilitation Station Packages
FlexAir™ PAPR Kit
Formaldehyde Spill Response™ Kit
Formalin Spill Control - FSC-1™
Gas Mask, Opti-Fit™ Convertible
Glutaraldehyde Clean-Up™ Kit
Hand Sanitizer and Moisturizer - MadaGel Instant
Hand Sanitizer, Instant - A.B.H.C™
Hand Sanitizer, Instant, Foaming - MadaFoam Plus
HAZMAT Assistance Trailer
Hazmat Decontamination Tents
Haz-Mat/Decontaminable (HMD) Sked® Stretcher
Hospital Anteroom
Hospital PPE Kit
Ice Anchor 7.6" (19cm)
Ice Commander Rescue Suit
ICE® (Interchangeable Cooling Environment)
Infectious Disease Control Shield
Isolation Gowns
Junkin Basket Type Stretcher
Law Enforcement Support Trailer
Masks, Ear Loop
MCI Mesh Stretcher
MCI Trailer
Mobile Command Complex System
Mobile Restroom Trailer
Mobile Scene Lighting Unit
Multi-Purpose Spill™ Kit
Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical (NBC) Protection Kit
Nurse's Cap, Bouffant
Oil-Dri® Chemical Resistant Granular Absorber
Over Packs
PASS - Mini Portable Air Safety System
PASS-1600 Portable Air Safety System
Plastic Stretcher
Point of Dispersal (POD) Shelters
Portable Shower, Double burner, Hot Tap HP
Portable Shower, Single Burner, Hot Tap
Portable Shower, X-40 Hot Tap
PureAir PAPR™
Safety Glasses, Uvex®
Safety Goggles
Sewer Stopper
Sharps Containers
Shoe Covers
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