Supporting systems and products for temporary structures.

Lighting, HVAC, Furniture, Communications, and other equipment featured here help make your temporary structure "livable".

10in SnapLight Flare Alternative, CYALUME
12' Mobile Morgue Trailer
12" SnapLight®, CYALUME
15" IMPACT® Light Sticks, CYALUME
18' Mobile Morgue Trailer
3" LightShape® - Circle Markers, CYALUME
32-Bed Pediatric Portable Hospital
6" SnapLight® Lightsticks, CYALUME
Advanced Mortuary Operations System - (A.M.O.S)
Bariatric Commode
CERT Kit w/ Backpack
Command Station Trailer
Commercial Patio Heater
Compress, Instant, Cold or Hot
Cooling Unit - Mortuary (ECU) - 5 Ton
Decon Shower, Hot Tap Pro 100 Haz-Mat
Decon Shower, Hot Tap Pro 70 Haz-Mat
Disinfectant and Deodorizer
Electrical Manifold
Emergency Medical Air Technology System (EMAT) - 3 Ton
Emergency Medical Air Technology System (EMAT) - 5 Ton
Enhanced Blast Injury Tabletop Training Kit
Environmental Control Unit - Portable (ECU) - 1.25 Ton
Environmental Control Unit - Portable (ECU) - 2.5 Ton
Environmental Control Unit - Portable (ECU) - 5 Ton
Essentials Triage Tabletop Training Kit
Essentials Triage Tabletop Training Kit
Flashlight, LED Rechageable - Streamlight Stinger DS
Generator, Portable
Hand Sanitizer and Moisturizer - MadaGel Instant
Hand Sanitizer, Instant, Foaming - MadaFoam Plus
Hot Vent PRO 70, Tent Heater
L.B.White® Premier 80® Heater
LightStation - Emergency Lighting, CYALUME
MagLite MAG LED Flashlight
Mobile Rehabilitation Trailer Packages
O2 Cylinders, Steel and Aluminum
O2 Regulators
Pediatric Response Kit - ALS in KEMP Bag
Pediatric Response Kit - BLS in KEMP Bag
Personnel Marker Light (PML®), CYALUME
Portable Shower, Double burner, Hot Tap HP
Portable Shower, Single Burner, Hot Tap
Portable Shower, X-40 Hot Tap
Portable Sink
Saf-T-Lite® Portable Lights
Sani-Bag+™ 100-Pack Commode Liners
Self-Heating Entrees - HeaterMeals® EX™
Shower Enclosure, i.Hut
SoundCommander Public Address
Special Ops Assisted Opening Knife, Smith & Wesson
Tank Top Heaters
Tent Cart
Tent Heater, X-40 Hot Vent
Water Purification System, Portable
Water Purification System, Portable - Triple Tank System