MMRS Incendiary Incident Support Unit

MMRS Incendiary Incident Support Unit

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Administration Kit (Pencils, Black Ballpoint Pens, Package 3"x5" Index Cards, Clipboards, Paper Tablets, Pencil Sharpener, Staplers, Staples, Paper Clips, Hole Punch, Large Black Magic Markers, Thumbtacks, Tape, Rubberbands, Scissors, File Folders, File Folder Labels, 3 Ring Binders with Tab Dividers, Whistle, Labeling System, Plastic File Box), AED, Camera (2 gig memory
card, Tripod & Table Top Tripod), Computer (Fax/copier/ printer/scanner, Computer aided drawing program (Fire Zone), & Microsoft Office - Professional), Cotton Cooling Vests/with replacement inserts, Disposable Drinking Cups, (12 oz Hot/Cold), Drink Dispenser, 100’ & 50’ Extension cords (Weatherproof, Heavy Duty), Antimicrobial Hand Soap Pump, 1-ply Roll Of Paper Towels, Dry-erase boards (2’ x 3’ aluminum frame with easel and Expo Dry-erase starter kit), Toilet Paper

Biohazard Bags, Paper Bags (assorted sizes), Chalk (assorted colors), Crayons (Lumber, Assorted colors), Measuring tapes (25’ with power lock, 100’ metal, & 2-wheeled tape), Spray Paint (White, & Various Florescent), Carpenters pencils, Funnels (assorted), Plastic Bags, (gallon & quart size Zip lock), Cutting instruments (Knives, Box cutters, Scalpel & Scissors), Tweezers/forceps (curved, straight, & long), Alternate light source (Flashlight Black light attachment), Metal detector with audio and visual indicators, Marking string (assorted colors), Thermometers (wall mount & portable), Trajectory Rod Kits, Coin envelopes, Rulers (metal foot & metal yard), Sterile Gauze, Sterile Swabs, Sifting screens, Paint brushes (assorted), Trowels (assorted sizes), Finger print kit (Powder, Reagent & Superglue), Compass, Nylon Arson bags (assorted sizes), Metal arson cans (Gallon & Quart), Evidence markers, Crime scene tape, Vials (Glass), Plastic Pipettes, Magnifying glasses, Evidence tape, Laser trajectory Device, Manila bags (assorted sizes), Line level, Steel brushes (assorted sizes), Evidence labels, Stapler/staples, Heavy duty cable ties, Casting material, Casting forms, Night vision with dual infrared illuminator, 100’ Nylon rope, Handheld Vacuum with disposable filters, Canned smoke, Electrostatic dust lifter, Bindle paper, Magnet Roller (assorted), Magnets (Assorted), Cardboard Boxes (Assorted sizes), Plastic measurng cups

Square & Round Pointed Shovels, Trowels, 36" Picks, Fire & Flat Axes, Fubar Tool, Pulaski Tools, Wheel Barrow, 36" & 24" Bolt Cutters, Potato, Forestry & Straight Rakes, Sledge Hammers, Chain with Hooks, Snatch Blocks, 100’ Lengths of Rope, 72" San Angelo Bar, 48" Pinch Bar, 18" & 30" Wrecking Bars, Multihead Pipe Cutter, Wire/Cable Cutter, 10 Ton & 20 Ton, Low Profile Hydraulic Jacks, Post Hole Diggers, Dc 12 Volt Bumper Winch, 50’ - 3/8“ Cable with hooks, 15" Electric Weed Trimmer, Metal Detector with Audio and Visual Indicator, Saw Horses, Work Mates (Combo Table and Hand Trucks), 18.2 Volt Tool Kit (Saw, Drill & Light)

Crescent Wrenches (assorted), Channel Lock Pliers (6" & 12"), Fence Pliers, File set, Spring Clamps (2" & 3"), Hammers (Dead Blow, Ball Pein & Dry wall), Drill Bits, Wrenches (SAE & Metric), Screw Drivers, Levels, Dremel Tool & Accessories, Sheers, Wood Chisel, Fubar Tools, Handsaw, Work mate, Shop Vac w/Accessories, Multi-meter, Assorted Ties, Torch, Rapid Wrench, Gator Grip, Pliers, WD-40, Drill (Hammer, Electric, ½" Variable Speed, Industrial Grade W/ Case), Drill Bits (Steel 3/8"- 5/8“ set, Carbide Tip 1/4“ - 5/8“ set), Drill Extensions Set, Ship Augers (½" - 1½" Set), Saw Electric (or Battery Powered, Reciprocating, Variable Speed, Heavy Duty, w/ Case), Plastic Spray Bottle w/ Soap Solution, Reciprocating Saw Shatterproof Blades (Bi-metal & Wood-cutting), Spare Batteries & Battery Chargers (if Reciprocating Saw is Battery Powered), Electric Chain Saw 12" Bar & 18" Bar, Circular Saw (7¼" heavyduty w/ case & 7¼" circular carbide tip, combination rip/crosscut Blades), Nail Gun air-activated (Pins, 2" & 3¼" HD Pins w/Washers & Air-Activated Loads), Torch (oxygen/fuel gas portable kit w/ attachments (gauges, hoses, wands)), Carpenter Belt (Quick Disconnects, with 2 Pouches), Debris Carriers 4’ x 4’, Chalk line 50’, Cold Chisel (diamond point 8", floor 12", Wood (Assorted)), Crayon (lumber, assorted colors), Bolt Cutters (18" & 36"), Pipe Cutter (multiple head, 1 - 21/2"), Wire and Cable Cutter (28", Fiberglass handles), Hacksaw (high tension, contractor grade), Hacksaw Blades 12" (18 & 24 teeth per inch, shatterproof), Hammer (framing straight claw, 22 oz., steel, mill face), Carpenter’s Hatchet, Hydraulic Jack (10 ton & 20 ton, low profile), Utility Knife (retractable blade, w/spare blades), Ladders (step 8’ & 18’ Little Giant or equivalent), Level, Nails (common, 16D & 8D, Duplex), Pencils, Saws (keyhole & 8-point cross cut), Plastic Sheeting, Squares (Speed & Framing), Tarpaulin (polyethylene 12’ x 18’, heavy duty grommets), Steel Wedge, 1¾" Hydrant manifold, 500’ Polyester Hose - 1½", Air Tools (Compressor, Chisel, Socket, Die Grinder, 50’ Air Hose, Quick Connect)

Misting Fans, Hard Hats, Chlorine Bleach, N95 Masks, Respirators with assorted cannisters, Slip-over booties, Tyvek suits with hood and booties, Tyvek aprons, Work gloves, Exam gloves (Large & X-Large), Butyl Gloves (Large & X-Large), Linen sets, Cots, PPE Kits, Decon tape, Antiseptic Hand cleaner, Field First Aid Kit, Incident Vest (Mulit-pockets), Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles, Knee Pads, Accountability Board

Much More Equipment Available!

AEL Part Numbers: 12TR-00-TEQP