SMART System Trailer

SKU:  EM937
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28’ x 8.5’ Deluxe Trailer, Dispos-A-Board® w/straps & Auto-cradle®, Pediatric Dispos-A-Board® System, Broslow Tape, Triage Response Kit, Triage Site Command Flag Set, 5 Person O2 Manifold with 25’ Hose, M Cylinders, Master Pack of 25 Five Patient Trauma Kits, 36" Padded Cardboard Splint, Sam Splint, Body Bags, Mesh Stretchers, 14’ X 9’ X 24’ Inflatable Shelter, 22’ X 42’ X 10’ Inflatable Shelter, Surge Bed w/IV Pole, Hanging Drawer, 50’ Extension Cord, Dual Light 500 Watt Each with Tripod, Traffic Cones 28", Infectious Waste Bags, Sterile Burn Sheet, Multi-Trauma Dressings, Disposable Splints 18", Mask With Face Shield, Gloves (Medium, Large & X-Large), Medical Kit, Bag Valve Masks, Generator 17,500watt (22,500peak), Dive Bottle /SCBA Bottle And Regulator, Megaphone with Siren/Whistle, Lightsticks (Green, Yellow, Red & Blue), Adjustable Adult and Child Cervical Collars, Disaster Airway Management Kit, IV (Normal Saline 1000cc Bag), Tri-Tuff Suits, IV Start Kit (Angios16-20), Administration Kit (Pencils, Black Ballpoint Pens, Package 3"x5" Index Cards, Clipboards, Paper Tablets, Pencil Sharpener, Staplers, Staples, Paper Clips, Hole Punch, Large Black Magic Markers, Thumbtacks, Tape, Rubberbands, Scissors, File Folders, File Folder Labels, 3 Ring Binders with Tab Dividers, Whistle, Labeling System, Plastic File Box), Disposable Blanket, Arm Boards, Minor Surgical Intervention Pack, Patient Pre and Post Kit, Portable Air Conditioner, Bosch 125,000 Btu Water Heater, 125,000 Btu Air Heater System, Tent Duct System, EMS Innovations Command Shelter, 11’ X 16’ Decontamination Shelter, Pressure Reducer Oxygen Regulators, Decontamination Shower System, Disposable Containment Systems, 90 Gallon Wheeled Carts For Redress Kits, 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets, Decon Solution 11.5 Lb Virkon, Virkon Spray Bottle, Promask with CBRN 10yr Cartridge, Hospital PPE Kits (Various Sizes), 20" X 21" Zip Lock Bags, Abc Fire Extinguisher, Gas Can 5 Gallon, Flashlights (D Cell), Adult BP Cuff, Dual Head Stethescope, Forcep/3 Scissors Set, Pediatric BP Cuff, Thermoscan Temple Thermometer, Medwave Arterial Bp System, Portable Toilet Systems, Wag Bags, D Cell Batteries, C Cell Batteries, ALS AED , Cas Max Nibp740-3nn W/spo2/temp, Portable Suction With Variable Regulator, Inflator/Deflator
AEL Part Numbers: 12TR-00-TEQP & 12VE-00-MISS