P.U.L.S.E. System

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Point-of-care Universal Logistical Sheltering and Evacuation System
Accommodates 33 Patients and 5 Attendants with optional medical supply and support systems!

AEL Part Number: 12VE-00-ABUS

The P.U.L.S.E System is a versatile new way to rapidly evacuate non-ambulatory patients to a safety zone during the threat of an impending natural disaster. The P.U.L.S.E System can also be used as a stationary Point-of-Care system for handling surge during a mass care incident. With its on-board generator, HVAC, O2, Patient monitoring, and suction at each bedside, the P.U.L.S.E System is designed to be a fully functioning stand-alone system.  Each entry way is equipped with retractable ramps to aid in patient access.

While in transit in an aircraft, on a ship, on a truck or even by train, the P.U.L.S.E System can be tied into the electrical system of the vehicle to operate for longer periods and to conserve fuel. A shore line hookup is also included for accessing an existing electrical grid.

All medical supplies are stored in overhead compartments. A refrigerator, microwave, water system, restroom are included for patient and caregiver comfort. The P.U.L.S.E. System is the answer for emergency evacuation of non-ambulatory patients.

Each patient bed is equipped with a vital signs monitor which is tied to a central monitoring station, oxygen, IV holder, patient chart holder, suction unit, medical air and two outlets.

Air Conditioning and Heat is distributed throughout the system by a duct system that runs the length of the unit. Emergency sprinklers, Emergency lighting and Exit signs above each doorway (3) and fluorescent lights are standard equipment.

The electrical system is designed to be run off of the included generator, or the 50Amp Shoreline Receptacle, or the Railway Power Receptacle. The interior walls, floors, and ceiling are covered with a decontaminable substrate and will add to the insulation of the system against the elements. 1’ thick steel crossbeams at each doorway are added to the structure of the system for retaining structural integrity during use and transport.

The cargo area is sealed and ventilated to provide optimum airflow and to restrict unwanted seepage into the patient treatment area. The cargo is divided to provide individual compartments for the oxygen cylinders, generator, electrical, waste water containment, suction, a compressor and HVAC.

The restroom is equipped with a locking sliding door, commode, corner sink, handicapped railing, and decontaminable walls.

This system is able to be transported via ship, train, flatbed tractor trailer, cargo plane, or cargo helicopter. It can be used as an on-site surge capacity, portable hospital or patient isolation area (when equipped with a negative pressure package).

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