Solar Powered Portable Emergency Advisory Radio Station

Solar Powered Portable Emergency Advisory Radio Station

Solar Powered Portable Emergency Advisory Radio Station
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When it really counts, put public health and safety information on the air FAST.

During public health and safety emergencies, take a Portable Emergency Advisory Radio Station into critical areas and speak directly to citizens via standard radio receivers.

This system can be a lifesaver, allowing the broadcast of critical instructions and information regarding . . 

·       Disasters/Evacuations. 

·       Medical Emergencies (hospital surge, points of distribution field information, quarantine isolation, decontamination). 

·       Terrorist/Shooter Incidents. 

·       HAZMAT and Traffic Information. 

·       Critical Public Safety Instructions. 

·       Road Construction/Infrastructure Failures. 

·       AMBER Alerts.

It is built for speed and portability. All electronics are housed in an easy-to-transport, high-impact, weather-resistant case. The quick-erect antenna system folds down for transportability. The entire system may be set up in 10 minutes by one person.

It is a FCC-licensed service. Operate one or more of these units within a specified territory such as a city, county or state. The signal is typically announced to the public by FASTrack or other portable signs, positioned at the periphery of the coverage area.

Its broadcasts may be received on standard vehicle radios over a 3-5 mile range (25-75 square miles). The stations are priced affordably so that multiple units can be deployed simultaneously at different locations during an emergency as required.

During nonemergency times, operators may operate from a fixed location using an optional Vertical Profile Antenna System. This helps familiarize citizens with the frequency as well as affording added protection for the frequency. The broadcast of allowable travelers information messages is allowed during nonemergency times.  

It’s portability becomes an instant asset during emergencies, allowing reestablishment of the signal from a new location quickly. It’s portability also makes it especially useful at large public gatherings for broadcasting key information, such as: schedules, traffic, parking, safety and critical instructions for patrons approaching or exiting.

Its programming may be controlled using flash drives through its USB port and may also be uploaded via Ethernet from a network or a laptop computer. If you operate it at a fixed location when it is not required in the field, the network capability makes this asset all the more valuable.

 Key Advantages

Seven reasons why Portable Radio Stations are a unique, reliable & cost-effective communication tool:

1.     Station operators are in full control of the communications medium and do not need to pay any third-party companies continuing service, carrier or activation fees.  Importantly, this eliminates any third-party reliability issues during emergencies when the service is required.

2.     When the AC grid goes down, it can still be communicating. Most stations are backed up with the optional Portable Solar Power Backup and/or a stand-alone generator.  And, of course, all radio receivers in vehicles operate on batteries.

3.     AM radio methodology has been active for 80 years and is not likely to be supplanted by newer technology in the near future. As a result, the PortaCast technology should function for many, many years for the public benefit.

4.     Citizens do not need to purchase special devices to receive messages.

5.     These stations allow public officials to speak directly to drivers without distracting them with text-messages on portable devices.

6.     Radio messages vastly supersede text services in the sheer amount of information and level of detail that may be delivered efficiently. The verbal medium also allows officials to speak to the public in a natural, person-to-person way, which may be comforting during an emergency.

7.     These stations may operate at fixed locations and/or be deployed to emergencies on a temporary basis.

 This package includes:

  • Transmitter/Message Player/Test Equipment in Portable Shock Case.
  • 120VAC/24 VDC Power Supply
  • Portable Antenna System and Stand with Stabilizing Sand Bags, Coaxial Cable and Setup Tools.
  •  6 Flash Drives in Carrying Case.
  • Live Microphone/Cable.
  • Equipment Pouches & Stowing Bags for Mics, Cables and Antennas.
  • Customizable Equipment Management Tags.
  • Illustrated Instructions/Training DVD.
  • Setup Tools.
  • Portable Solar Power System (PSPS), including: Rechargeable Battery Sytem, Fold & Roll Solar Boosters.


·       Audio Management Software & Recording Headset/Mic.
·       Additional Flash Drives.
·       FCC Licensing Service.
·       Fixed Antenna System.
·       Antenna Height Extender.
·       Onsite Training.
·       Professional Message Recording Service (complimentary to AAIRO members for general messages and commissioned for event-oriented messages; see regarding free membership in the nonprofit American Association of Information Radio Operators).
·       Quick-Erect Signs.

Portable Solar Power Backup System (PSPBS)

Take along portable power for the Emergency Advisory Radio Station.  The Portable Solar Power Backup System (PSPBS) allows for more than a day of off-grid operation via a high capacity battery pack that you can keep charged and ready.  Make the PSPBS sustainable in the field with the addition of up to three Fold & Roll Solar Boosters.


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