Animal Rescue Trailer

Animal Rescue Trailer

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Animals are a very important part of any large-scale disaster response but can often be overlooked as a unique challenge to resources. These trailers are equipped with the necessary materials to treat and care for various species.
Includes The Following Preparedness Modules **:
  • Administrative (Patient records, check in, and tracking)
  • Animal Control (Leather 18” Deerskin Gloves, Cat Grabber, etc.)
  • Animal Management (Folding Animal Cages, Animal Control Poles, etc.)
  • Animal Hygiene (Animal Shampoo, Water /Food Containers, etc.)
  • Animal Comfort (Fleece Blankets, Cotton Towels, etc.)
  • PPE (Goggles, Gowns, N-95 Masks, Gloves, etc.)
  • Small Shelter (Inflatable Shelter with Interior Kit and Accessories )
  • Housekeeping (Cleaning Supplies, Wheeled Trash Cans, etc.)
AEL Part Numbers:
16AC-01-ACRL (large animals)
or 16AC-01-ACRS (small animals)*

*dependent upon equipment selected by customer

**Trailer size, features, and contents can all be tailored to meet the needs of your community. Don’t get locked into a product or system you don’t need. Let us help you build a system that suits your specific needs and requirements.

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