EMS Innovations Tent Anteroom

Can be used as a stand-alone tent or as a negative/positive pressure entry to a larger tent.

  • Length: 129"
  • Width: 82"
  • Height: 87"

  • Flooring system minimizes tripping hazards and is rugged and decontaminable
  • Integral silver reflective rain fly
  • AirGuard ensures proper air pressure is maintained even if the structure is punctured
  • Heavy-Duty Storage Case is included for storage and to keep the unit clean
  • Can be inflated by one person using the included inflator/deflator
  • Tinted Windows
  • Heavy-Duty zipper closures on either end with adjustable windows
  • Can be used in conjunction with negative pressure unit to create a pressure differential (PASS - Mini )
  • Portable
  • Completely Decontaminable
  • Draw-String air intakes ensure a tight seal around the duct system
  • Heavy-Duty Hook and Loop flaps at either end enable a tight seal to other tents, protected by an additional rain fly
  • High Pressure inflation port
  • Pressure Release valve
  • Repair kit included

     AEL Part Number: 19SS-00-SHEL and 09ME-01-SHEL

Product SKU Price Order
Negative/Positve Pressure Tent Anteroom EM402 Price: $2,420.00
Product SKU Price Order
Tent Anteroom - Negative Pressure Kit (PASS Mini and Ducting Included) EM11001 Price: $8,910.00

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