Mobile ICU/OR System

Mobile ICU/OR System

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Each unit is a tractor trailer that expands with four side pods. Each unit is self sufficient and can be linked to existing facilities. They are equipped to triage 1000 patients per week and can hold 12 patients for extended periods of time. Assuming a throughput of 3 patients per bed per day, that is 252 patients per week. In addition, the operating theaters are set up for continuous procedures. There are three negative pressure zones in each vehicle.

A compliment of limited use surgical sets and reusable surgical instrument sets allows for rapid surgical intervention of multiple patients simultaneously. There are thirty different instrument sets in this configuration. Two fully functional operating theaters with anesthesia equipment and twelve ventilator SICU beds allow a maximum of 14 simultaneous procedure areas. A staff of 2 to a maximum staff of 20 per twelve hour shift can be accommodated in this facility.

The front two pods are operating suites. The rear pods expand to form an ICU and nursing suite. There are three isolation systems in the trailer allowing for every patient to be isolated. The rear expands outward to provide an anteroom entrance for negative and positive pressure. This unit includes a pharmacy, limited use surgical sets and reusable surgical sets, and procedural capability of 14 simultaneous operations in disaster conditions.

There are 2 anesthesia machines, 12 ventilators, portable laboratory equipment, and 2 defibrillators. In addition, 12 patient monitors with a Mobile Acuity® monitoring system are all standard. A portable ultrasound with multiple probes allows quick view diagnosis. A digital X-RAY unit with a viewing station and operating room viewing platforms and printers is included in the package. Each ICU bed has a complete set of diagnostic equipment mounted on the wall.

One of the ICU beds converts into a Dental or ophthalmic procedure chair. There are three oxygen systems onboard this unit. A bottled cascade system, a liquid oxygen system and bedside bottled oxygen. A surgical equipment list is included in this package. These units include mobile command centers, triage and patient record tracking, inventory tracking and a pharmacy tracking system. Take a hospital OR and ER to the field and see the dramatic results.

This system is customizable to meet your needs and specifications. Call for details!

AEL Part Numbers: 12TR-00-TEQP