Point of Dispersal (POD) Shelters

A convenient and quick way to provide needed medications, emergency supplies, water, etc. in any situation where a disaster has occurred or mass inoculation is needed.
The 20'x20' Structure allows for one lane of vehicles and public health staff a vaccination and work area free from the elements. This one lane structure allows for the treatment of a car of four passenges (one nurse per passenger) for every ten minutes. The 30'x30' can hold four vehicles for treatment at once and with four staff at each car has a throughput of approximately 16 individuals every 10 minutes!* In addition, dispersal of supplies is easier and accomplished quicker by utilizing a "drive through" approach.

These tents include two speed bumps and are made with a heavy-duty integral floor, allowing for placement directly on pavement or in a parking lot, and easy clean-up. They are equipped with a ventilation fan (to aid in venting vehicle exhaust) and CO gas monitor (for protection of workers and patients alike against CO poisoning).

This item is available in customizable systems to meet your needs and specifications. Simply call our friendly and courteous customer service team!

AEL Part Numbers: 
19SS-00-SHEL & 09ME-01-SHEL

*depending upon staging area accessability and distances
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Product SKU Price Order
20’ W x 20’ L x 12’ H - POD SHelter EM983 Price: $18,695.00
Product SKU Price Order
30’ W x 30’ L x 15’ H - XL POD EM984 Price: $30,250.00

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