50-Bed Portable Hospital

50-Bed Portable Hospital

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This unit is the basic building block for all of EMS Innovations’ Rapidly Deployable Systems. These systems are packaged in tow-behind trailers for on-site operation at a moment’s notice. All of the systems needed for a 50-bed “portable hospital" are included in this package from individual patient care items such as facial tissue to diagnostic supplies like an ICU patient monitoring system, as well as the structures and systems for operation packaged in two 28 foot trailers. Best of all, you can tailor it to your unique specifications.


  • Supplies for Receiving and Classification of Patients (admit form packets, tables and chairs, walkie talkies, megaphone, etc.)
  • Patient Care Supplies (bandages, diapers of various sizes, cribs, OB Kit, nasal cannula, etc.)
  • Diagnostic Supplies (glucometer, otoscope/opthalmascope sets, AED with batteries and spare electrodes, Mobile Acuity System, etc.)
  • Housekeeping Equipment (microwave, refrigeration, wheelchairs, etc.)
  • 28’ Trailer With Work Station (interior racking, walk on roof, HVAC with thermostat, 20’ awning, etc.)
  • Site Management Equipment (generators, inflatable shelters, portable sinks, toilet systems, etc.)

Deployed in Americus, GA March 2007
“In the wake of the disaster, Americus lost its acute care hospital, Sumter Regional. Citizens in this area needed access to healthcare… Americus was fortunate in that one of the entities which provided quick, prompt assistance was EMS Innovations, Inc. (“EMS"). EMS provided the “field" hospital to Sumter Regional, which essentially has become our town’s emergency room and clinic. All of this equipment was professionally delivered and installed. The timing of the facility’s deployment was truly amazing. In a matter of a few hours, this installation permitted the citizens of Americus to remain and work in their community with the assurance that there was medical help close at hand."

George Hooks, Senator,
District 14 The State Senate
of Georgia June 19, 2007
Many product choices and emergency supplies are available to custom equip YOUR portable hospital.
Don't get locked into a system you don't need, let our team help you build a system that suits your specific needs.

AEL Part Numbers: 19GN-00-HSSF, 09ME-01-COTS, 12TR-00-TEQP, & 12VE-00-MISS