PASS-1600 Portable Air Safety System

PASS-1600 Portable Air Safety System

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The PASS - 1600 IU Unit (Portable Air Safety Systems Isolation Unit) has been designed to meet or exceed the CDC guidelines for Medical Isolation in all Field Hospital and Surge applications. We reach unmatched levels of performance by employing our patented technology of HEPA filtration and UVC irradiation in a portable system. The PASS - 1600 ISO can create either positive pressure “Collective Protection” or negative pressure “Medical Isolation” utilizing our patented technology to capture, contain and neutralize biological contaminants in all weather conditions. Most importantly the PASS - 1600 ISO unit can be use in conjunction with the EMS Innovations Hospital Anteroom.

Size: 36.5” H x 18.5”W x 41”L

Weight: 236 lbs

Power rating & Electrical Requirements: 115 Volts, 11.5 Amps, 60Hz, 1322 Watts, 12’ Power Cord

Airflow Capacity: 0 to 1600 cfm, Electronic Speed Control

Airflow Ports: 2 Inlets with adjustable dampers for flow control – 14” and 10”
2 Outlets with adjustable dampers for flow control – 14” and 10”

Filter: High Capacity HEPA: 24” T x 18” W x 11.5” D – Deep “V” Filter, 99.99% @ 0.3 Microns

Filter: Prefilter (optional): 24” T x 18” W x 2” D – Carbon Poly Media Prefilter

UVGI Lamps: Front Bank: 4 Lamps On Removable Frame
Rear Bank: 5 Lamps On Fixed Frame
Bulb Intensity: 120 Microwatts/CM2
254NM Germicidal Wavelength

Ozone: 4.2 Micrograms Per Hour

Displays and Alarms: Visual Alarm on Controller to Indicate Bulb Failure
Visual and Audio Alarms on Controller to indicate HEPA Filter replacement
Visual and Audio Alarms on Controller to indicate Area Pressure Failure

Controls: Differential Airflow Dampers to adjust room pressure – On Unit
Ozone Enabling: On-Off Removable Key Switch – On Unit
Ozone Timer: Activates Ozone Production – On Controller

Data Logging: Sensor Monitoring With USB Port For Time Stamped Data Transfer

Cabinet: 16 Gauge Steel – Powder Coated
Color: Red (standard) – Other colors available
Easy Access Panel for Filter Replacement
Soft Ride Casters (standard) – Pneumatic Turf Tire available

AEL Part Number: 09ME-07-ISOL

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