200-Bed Modular System

200-Bed Modular System

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Flooding, building collapse, tornado, dirty bomb attack or Avian flu outbreak can happen to any community at any time. Don’t face these situations unprepared. If your local hospital is suddenly unable to treat patients or is overwhelmed with an influx of injuries or sickness the 200-Bed Portable Hospital Modular System can house, treat and sustain patients to increase the medical services to your community.

This modular system comes packaged in tow-behind trailers to be ready for on-site operation at a moment’s notice. All of the systems in a 50-bed “portable hospital" are included in this package but for treating many more patients. This system includes everything you need for a 200-Bed Portable Hospital and is expandable to handle 850 or more depending on the application. Best of all, you can tailor ALL of the contents to your unique specifications.
Many product choices and emergency supplies are available to custom equip YOUR portable hospital.
Don't get locked into a system you don't need, let our team help you build a system that suits your specific needs.

AEL Part Numbers: 19GN-00-HSSF, 09ME-01-COTS, 12TR-00-TEQP, & 12VE-00-MISS

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