BioSeal Systems Human Remains Sealing Station

BioSeal Systems Human Remains Sealing Station

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The BioSeal Human Remains Sealing Station is a turnkey containment solution designed to create a temporary field morgue in the event of a disaster. It includes everything required for the processing of large quantities of remains in the field aside from a tent or shelter. Unlike our BioSeal Facility System, which is intended for everyday use, or our BioSeal Portable System, which is designed to be carried to the scene, the BioSeal Human Remains Sealing Station is intended for deployment in the event of a catastrophic disaster or wide-spread epidemic. It can be stored for 49 years without deterioration in performance or readiness of the BioSeal System material, regardless of conditions. With performance tested by the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, you can feel confident about including BioSeal System technology as a key component in your large-scale disaster preparedness plans.

"Without the BioSeal System, we would have had to rely on traditional body bags and sheets, which would have been very inefficient. The BioSeal System was the perfect solution for the task at hand." — Bryan Ward, Corporal, Trinity County Sheriff's Department

Quick Facts:

  • Storage Footprint: 6.6 sq ft/0.61 sq m
  • Shipping Weight: 650 lbs
  • Accommodates approximately 150 decedents
  • 8–to 12–week fulfillment period

The BioSeal Human Remains Sealing Station Includes:

110-Gauge Welded Steel Case with Grey Electrostatic Powder Coating and Super HD Casters (38"d x 88"w x 32"h)
2Work Surface Extensions
1Dispensing Bar for Roll of BioSeal Material
1Service Work Desk (18"d x 38"w x 29"h)
1Service Work Stool (18"d x 18"w x 18"h)
2Halogen Work Area Lamps
3Rolls of BioSeal Material (150' x 36")*
2Retaining Clips
2110v Hand-Held ThermoSealers
1Box of Black Markers
2Rolls of Biohazard Warning Tape
2Razor Knives
2Power Extension Cords
1Training Demo CD

AEL Part Number: 09MY-02-BAGS

Accommodates approximately 150 decedents.

*Custom systems available.