BioSeal Systems Team Training System

BioSeal Systems Team Training System

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The BioSeal Team Training System was designed in close collaboration the California Emergency Management Agency to help execute its mass fatality disaster preparedness plans. This turnkey training system includes a life–sized, fully–articulated Simulaid rescue dummy—the same kind used in firefighter training—to simulate an authentic experience. This hands–on training provides your team with a true–to–life understanding of just how difficult it is to maneuver a dead body—but also how easy it is to use the BioSeal System containment technology.

“The rescue dummy really is the keystone to the training system The BioSeal Systems team understood that and worked with us to create a solution that would provide a quality training experience so that our first responders will be able to get the job done in a real–life situation.”— Bob Gerber, Deputy Chief, Law Enforcement Branch, California Emergency Management Agency

This System Includes:

  • 1 Roll of BioSeal Systems Material (150’ x 36”)
  • 1 110v Hand–Held ThermoSealer
  • 1 Retaining Clip
  • 1 Power Cord
  • 1 Simulaid “Rescue Randy” Training Dummy
  • 1 Training Demo CD

The re–sealable BioSeal Systems material allows for dozens of training exercises.

Quick Facts:

Storage Footprint: 6.6 sq ft/0.61 sq m

Shipping Weight: 250 lbs

Re–sealable BioSeal Systems material allows for dozens of training exercises

6–to 8–week fulfillment period