24' Mobile Coroner's Office Trailer

SKU:  EM974
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Mass fatality incidents don’t always happen in areas which are close by. This system can bring the coroner’s office to the location and preserve the remains collected. Equipped with an area for pathology and/or identification, the Mobile Coroner’s Office Trailer is perfect for many different needs. Extend your reach and area of effectiveness with this trailer!
Features :
  • EMS Innovations ramp door is 8’ wide. A partition wall with a sealed 48” door retains cooling efficiency and makes loading easier.
  • EMS Innovations standard system utilizes a three-tiered racking system which allows for a 5’ load height on the top shelf thus eliminating the safety issues associated with lifting bodies above the head of the average individual. This system utilizes fixed, mounted racks for greater load capacity, stability and storage of the trays.
  • EMS Innovations standard racks and trays are made of aluminum for a reduction in overall weight and ease of use while loading/unloading.
  • Racks have 19” clearance between each tier
  • Automatic power transfer switch for the exchange of power from generator to land line
  • Custom Graphics Package
  • Interior racking holds up to 27 Bodies for transport or temporary storage. Rolling racks aid in transport to and from the trailer.
  • Each trailer is equipped with an interior door and ramp at the rear to help aid in loading and to maintain temperatures while being loaded and in transport.
  • An area at the front of the trailer can be utilized for on-site pathology, dissection and/or identification.