KEMP, Pediatric Head Blocks

The KEMP Pediatric Head Immobilizer Blocks will fit all head immobilizer bases. The vinyl coated foam is made for easy disinfecting. These immobilizer pillows are a must for infants due to the smaller sizing and aligning. These are very similar to replacement pillows for adults, but smaller. 

Color: Royal Blue

Product Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.75" x 4.25"

AEL # 09ME-04-SPIN, 09MS-08-SPIN, 09MS-07-REST

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Head Immobilizer EM4211 Price: $18.87

Pediatric Dispos-A-Board®

Adult Dispos-A-Board® backboard

Auto-Cradle® Head Immobilizer

Stifneck® Select™ Extrication Collar

Adjustable Cervical Collar, EMT’s Choice®

KEMP, Ultimate EMS Backpack

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Pediatric Dispos-A-Board®

Auto-Cradle® Head Immobilizer

Portable Transport Unit (Mega-Mover)

Junkin Basket Type Stretcher

KEMP, Spineboard Mounting Bracket