KEMP, EMS Medical Field Kit

The KEMP EMS Medical Field Kit Bag is made of extremely durable nylon and comes with four pockets to hold everything you need and is filled with the essentials a Guard should have. This waist pack is extremely durable and is water resistant. It’s very compact and comes with a waistband that expands to 55”. We can also customize this kit in quantities of 48 pieces or more. The items included are:

  • 1 KEMP CPR Mask with 02 Inlet in Case with Gloves and a wipe.

  • 10-BZK Antiseptic Wipes

  • 10-Adhesive Bandages3/4”x3”

  • 5-Butterfly Bandages

  • 2-Plastic Bandages 2”x4.5”

  • 4-Gauze Pads 3”x3”

  • 3-Sting Relief Pads

  • 2 roll gauze tape

  • 1-Triangular Bandage w/Pins

  • 1-Instant Ice Pack

  • 6-Pair Vinyl Gloves

AEL # 01ZP-00-GBAG, 03OE-03-KTFA

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EMS Medical Field Kit EM3331 Price: $30.80
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EMS Medical Field Kit Bag EM3332 Price: $9.24

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