Lateral Canthotomy Kit

Lateral Canthotomy Kit

SKU:  EM7501
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This product is available for U.S. Military and Federal Civilian Government Sales only. 

Lateral canthotomy is a simple procedure used to decompress a compartment syndrome of the orbit. It is most often used in cases of blunt trauma, when bleeding into the retrobulbar space causes an increase in pressure resulting in ischemia to the retina and optic nerve. LCC can be easily performed by the emergency physician, and has the potential to save the patient’s vision.

The H&H Lateral Canthotomy Kit provides all the instruments needed for performing emergency LCC procedures in a small, vacuum sealed package. Designed using specifications from OIF/OEF active duty surgeons, the Lateral Canthotomy Kit contains the necessary tools for performing this procedure in the field, including:

  • One H&H Combat EyeShield
  • One Straight Iris Scissor
  • One Metzenbaum Scissor
  • One Straight Crile Hemostat
  • Four 4×4 Gauze Pads
  • One TB Syringe with Needle
  • One Super Combat Cravat
  • One Eye Dressing Forceps

Product Information

  • NSN: 6515-01-579-3275
  • Package Dimensions: 10″ x 4″ x 0.5″
  • Package Weight: 2 oz.