HAZMAT Assistance Trailer

The HAZMAT Assistance Trailer is ideal for decontamination, spill containment and any HAZMAT emergency in your community. Loaded with the necessary equipment and material to protect individuals and the community at large. Use in conjunction with any of the other EMS Innovations Trailer Systems for a complete package that can overcome the obstacles of any emergency.

Available in trailer lengths of 12, 16, 20, 24 or 28 feet!

Trailer: customized lighting, Level A suits Tychem (TK Rear Entry), Level A suit pressure test kit, Occunomix Cooling Vest PC2, Hazmat Boots (size 10; size 11; size 12), Silver shield gloves, Butyl 14" .017 gloves, 150’ supply hose, 6-position 2 1/2" supply manifold, 10’ x 20’ x 8’ decon/com 3 line shelter, 10’ x 15’ x 8’ decon/com system, Decon collection system 3 box system, Quik-Catch Basin, Hazmat Decon Hoop (2 piece),12’ x 15’ EZ-up Shelter with 4 sidewalls, Pre and post decon patient kit, MCI Mesh Stretchers, Hazmat Skeds, Millenium CBRN medium mask with XL hospital PPE, NBC cartridge for millenium mask, Military Tyvek F kit, 3 way paper booklet detectors, M-8 paper booklet detectors, Roll of M-9 paper detectors, 6250 watt generator, Dual 500 watt light tripods, 100 ft extension cord, Triage/decon tape systems, Triage Response Kit, Triage Site Command Flag Kit, Triage Command Sector Kit, 24" x 48" Wheeled Cart, 5-Patient Trauma Kits (Master Pack), RIB-IT devices, Bag-valve mask, O2 M cylinder, O2 regulator for M cylinder, Minilator 10/pm five port, 20ft hose for minilator, Non-Rebreather Mask, Manual Suction Unit, Automatic Electronic Defibrilator, Cyalume Light Sticks (Green, Yellow, Red & White Hi-Intensity), Protective goggles, Rescue gloves, Coverall with Hood and Booties, N95 particulate respirators, Scene Management Tape, Nitrile gloves, 125,000 BTU water heater, 100,000 BTU air healer, Portable Toilet System, Megaphone, Rapid rescue strap, Duct tape, Chemical tape, 28" traffic cone orange, Series AE non-sparkling patch kit, Series C-1 kit: internal pipe plug kit, Series C-2 kit: external pipe plug kit, Emergency kit A chlorine cylinder kit, Emergency kit B chlorine cylinder kit, Emergency kit C chlorine cylinder kit, Series D kit, Series F kit, Model 45BT Drum Truck, Grain Scoop Shovel, Concrete rake, Push broom, Heavy dust pan with brush, Zip wall kit 20’ poles, Extra 20’ poles for zipwall, Plastic sheeting 10 mil 20’ x 100’ roll, 10 x 10 tarps, Super Vac 20 gal system, Handifoam in a can, Hand tool kit in pro tool box, 2 pc instant light, 6’ fiberglass step ladder, Firststep 5 gal bucket kit aggressive/non-aggressive, Firststep 5 gal oil only kit, Firststep 20 gal plastic drum overpack universal kit, Firststep 55 gal aggressive/non-aggressive plastic drum, 95 gallon overpack drum, 55 gallon drum for oil dry, Mercury magnet spill kit, Acid eater spill kit, Oil-dri 40lb bag, 8" x 10’ Sorbent booms (4 per set), Blower/Exhauster, (ALE-CSE) min duration harness with Futura, Blower fan system 36", Multi-pack MP4R rescue air cart, 425’ airline, USAR Duracrib Response Set, Airbag leak sealer set with manifold; 15" x 15" bag, Air bag set of 7 bags, Working air cart, Air lines for airbags with regulators, 9000 blu air conditioner, 400’ 5/8" static line, Plastic spike and pulley, rigging system, Flashlights, IMS Kit, Hazmatcad plus, Level A training suit, Level B encapsulated suit, SCBAn 4500 psi 1 hr, 1 hr 4500 PSI spare cylinder, Hard hats, Radio throat mics, Pass devises, and much more

AEL Part Number: 12VE-00-MISS

*Included equipment varies due to trailer size.

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HAZMAT - 12 foot Trailer EM906
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HAZMAT - 16 foot Trailer EM907
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HAZMAT - 20 foot Trailer EM908
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HAZMAT - 24 foot Trailer EM909
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HAZMAT - 28 foot Trailer EM910

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