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Comfort Station Trailer

The Comfort Station Trailer is ideal for dealing with surge and housing after any emergency in your community. Loaded with the necessary equipment and material to giving uninjured evacuees necessities to aid in mental recovery and a sense of personal well-being. Use in conjunction with any of the other EMS Innovations Trailer Systems for a complete package that can overcome the obstacles of any emergency.

Available in trailer lengths of 20, 24 or 28 feet!

Surge Beds, Racking system, Racks for beds, Bath in a bag, Crib, Adult Comfort Kits (Twin Blade Razor, Shave Gel, Toothbrush, 8.5 oz Toothpaste, 4 oz Liquid Soap, 2 oz Hand & Body Lotion, 8 oz Shampoo, 5 oz Deodorant, Facial Tissue, Washclothpack of wipes, Comb; all supplies to be wash and go, no water required), Fire Extinguisher, Fold out table, Folding chairs, Flashlights, Portable Radio, Adult Kits (playing cards; checkers; chess; tablets; pens; adult games), Kids kits (tablets; pens; kids games), First aid kit, Clean-up kit, AED with Manual Override, Towels (cotton bath towel), Cot linen (blanket and pillow set), Notice board & markers trash can, Trash can, Administration Kit(Pencils, Black Ballpoint Pens, Package 3"x5" Index Cards, Clipboards, Paper Tablets, Pencil Sharpener, Staplers, Staples, Paper Clips, Hole Punch, Large Black Magic Markers, Thumbtacks, Tape, Rubberbands, Scissors, File Folders, File Folder Labels, Pad Easel Paper, 3 Ring Binders with Tab Dividers, Whistle), Toilet paper, Paper towels, Liquid hand soap, Generator, 5 gallon plastic gas can, Extension cord 50’, Extension cord 100’, Power strip/surge, Protection, Light 1000 watt, Portable sink self container, Hot tap portable, Shower system with shower stall, Portable toilet system, Wag bag system (100/case), TV with DVD/VCR, Utility lanterns, much more available

AEL Part Number: 19GN-00-HSSF

*Included equipment varies due to trailer size.

Product SKU Order
Comfort Station - 20 foot Trailer EM917
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Comfort Station - 24 foot Trailer EM918
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Comfort Station - 28 foot Trailer EM919

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