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Command Station Trailer

The Command Station Trailer is ideal for controlling any emergency in your community. Loaded with video, computer and GPS equipment and command station material to enable ease of communication and information gathering to protect individuals and the community at large. Use in conjunction with any of the other EMS Innovations Trailer Systems for a complete package that can overcome the obstacles of any emergency.

Available in trailer lengths of 28 or 30 feet!

Rapidly Deployable Soft Walled Shelters With Custom Curtain Sets & Hard Plastic Flooring, 100’ & 25’ Weatherproof Electric Extension Cords, Portable Generators, 5 Ton 63000 BTU AC With HVAC Plenum For Each Tent, Propane Heaters (80,000 Btu With Built-in Fan & Thermostat Control), Portable Lights, Power Strips/surge Protectors, Framesets Which Include (Projectors, Screen & Frame & Replacement Screen, All Cables, Power Cords & Video Cables), Tactical Tables (Cables & Jumper Cables W/ External Cable Sets & VGA Video Cables, & Network, Video & Power Capability), Operations Shelter (3’x 4’ Foot Viewable Display Screen, 6 X 1 Video Switch To Allow All Computers To Display On The RTOC At Any Given Time), Logistics Section Shelter (Lightweight Frameset That Utilizes A Single Chip DLP Projector, 3’x 4’ Foot Viewable Display Screen, 6 X 1 Video Switch As Well To Allow All Computers To Display On The RTOC At Any Given Time), Pc Based Software Package (Enables Operator to Maneuver Multiple Images Over 5 Up to 8 Display Devises Including Satellite TV Signals & Audio, Any of the Images can be sent to either one of the separate RTOC’s or any other display devises within Management, Logistics or Operations.), Wireless Mics, Colorgraphic Fire Mv, Computer For Central Control System, Multi-media Switch, AED (Manual Override, Biphasic, Multiple Output Settings, 3 Lead Monitoring), Clean-up Kit (Push Brooms, Cotton Wet Mops, 18" Squeegees, Warehouse Corn Brooms, Gallon Buckets, 7" Plastic Scrub Brushes, Large Cellulose Sponges, Disinfectant, Liquid Cleaner, Liquid Bleach, Household Rubber Gloves, Trash Bags, 6.0 Hp Shop Vac, Exam Gloves, Janitorial Cart To Carry Kit), Disposable Drinking Cups, Drink Dispenser, Lantern Style Flashlights, Dry-erase Board 2’ X 3’ Aluminum Frame, Dry-erase Marker Starter Kits, Newsprint Tablet, Tripod St&s For Newsprint, Portable Showers, Shower Tent, Standard 20lb. Propane Cylinders, Portable Sink Units, 2-ply Bath Tissue, Toilet System With Tent, 5 Gallon Plastic Trash Can, Cloth Vests With Pockets, Wag Bags For Use With The Portable Toilet Systems, Trailer (Dual Axle, Standard All-steel Construction, Full Drop Leg Tongue Jack With Sand Foot, Coupler Lock, Safety Chains, Lighting & Wiring System), Administration Kit (Pencils, Black Ballpoint Pens, Package 3"x5" Index Cards, Clipboards, Paper Tablets, Pencil Sharpener, Staplers, Staples, Paper Clips, Hole Punch, Large Black Magic Markers, Thumbtacks, Tape, Rubberbands, Scissors, File Folders, File Folder Labels, Pad Easel Paper, 3 Ring Binders with Tab Dividers, Whistle),  and much more

*Included equipment varies due to trailer size.

AEL Part Number: 12VE-00-CMDV 

Product SKU Order
Command Station - 28 foot Trailer EM921
Product SKU Order
Command Station - 30 foot Trailer EM922

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